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Author: Scott Davis Out of all the franchises that have come along in the last decade perhaps none were as big as Lionsgate’s double whammy of Twilight and The Hunger Games, at least in terms of its fan base. None of the above are known for having an especially great sense of humor.

Following the death of Lourd's mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds, the actress thanked the star in January for his support.Taylor took to Instagram to share a photo of him and Billie while reportedly on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Of course, until we hear it from Billie or Taylor directly, we won't know for sure.In the photo, Taylor is in the foreground taking a selfie, wearing a cute hat with a panda on it. Last month, Billie and Taylor were spotted kissing while out in L. Right now, we're glad that Billie was able to spend a weekend in the sunshine with someone who clearly cares about her, whether it it's romantic or not.Taylor Lautner has been seen enjoying holidays with Billie Lourd.Lautner and Lourd were speculated to be dating as the couple was also seen together on a grocery run, picking up a bunch of supplies.

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Luckily, Billie has had a solid support system from her fans, coworkers, and close friends.

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