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$object Excel = new-object -c excel.application $object Excel.display Alerts = $false # don't prompt the user #$object Excel.visible = $True; $Classeur = $object"source_filepath", $null, $true) $object"Auto Update") # $object"Remove ODBC") # another custom macro for removing data connexion $Classeur.saveas("destination_filepath") $Classeur.close($false) #$object Excel.visible = $False; $object Excel.quit() spps -n excel This helped me alot thank you !

I have an Excel file that want to update and save automatically with out having to open it or manually interact with.Ok i came acroos this thread because i wanted to edit an existing xlsx file.I jumped directly onto Excel:: Writer:: XLSX as is the new standard to write xlsx files.Manually, I open the file up and hit data refresh which goes and does a SQL query and then hit F9 for the formulas to update and then I just close/save.(I then would mail the file out to people using a perl script or use SAS JMP to run some numbers/charts and also mail them out.

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