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My hope is that my friends let me play romantic roulette with their love lives because they think my job affords me some top-secret dating intel.In reality, they probably just let me do it because of how much it fascinates me.

And Now, I'm certainly not going to put myself into the same camp with the Julia Roberts and Padmas of the world...

Akin to a beauty contest scorecard, a person's attractiveness is ranked from one to 10.

And generally, it's presumed that the beautiful Amazons among us (the eights, nines, and 10s) should only date each other -- while the "uglies" of the bunch (the twos, threes, and fours) must stick to their own Quasimodo kind.

So if you're a Bo Derek-solid 10, here are reasons why you should consider dating someone who's a Dudley Moore...

or someone at least marginally less attractive than you.

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Listening to her experiences makes me want to set something on fire.

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