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Super Validator also provides validation based on the Regular Expressions.You can read more about regular expressions in MSDN starting at following URL: Regular Expression Validator is assigned to input field it looks like this in property grid: Super Validator component includes Comparison Validation that allows you to compare values of two input fields or to compare input field value to a predefined value you set.This article from Inform IT provides some examples of the use of this component.A Simple Example As an example of using the Error Provider, consider a "New Contact" dialog box for a simple telephone book application. The user must enter values for both fields, and the Phone field must contain a 10-digit number entered with no punctuation.For example, if the string value is entered in the numeric value type column, it will throw the error message.The visibility of the error icon can be changed by setting the setting Show Error Icon and Show Row Header Error Icon property.

Validation starts with Validator1, Validator2 and finally Validator3.out a form and submits it, the program must verify that the data is valid before saving it to a database or continuing with processing.If the program finds errors in the user's input data, then it must display some kind of error notification.You can assign one of these properties or all of them if you need to perform multi-level validation.For example you can require the input for text-box and enforce the format to be an email by assigning Validation1 and Validation2 properties.

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