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The story of a love unreturned dominates the psyche of women everywhere.Every break up feels like our own twisted versions of Romeo and Juliet.If I had a dream about my ex, you'd bet he would know.If I went on a date with another guy, and it made me miss my ex, I would probably be telling him that, too. So I reached out to dating and relationship expert Jen Kirsch to ask her when it's acceptable to reach out to an ex after a breakup.Ronnie appeared to have deleted some of his Instagram photos featuring Malika.Meanwhile, the "We had a lot in common from the start and it was an instant friendship.It may lead to feelings of urgency: if I wait too long, what if all the good ones are taken?

Often times after a soul-crushing breakup you’re left emotionally numb.

Consider some of these core values: Other types of values are less obvious.

For example, how much energy do you have to go out and explore on a daily basis?

I used to be the queen of reaching out to exes at very inopportune times.

If I saw a guy who looked like my ex, I would tell my ex about it.

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It was a simple exchange, with good intentions.”But it's definitely not always that cut and dry.“Someone I know celebrated their birthday the other day, and their ex reached out. You saw a great opportunity for them (like a new job post or an open mic night) that can be of value to them.

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