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Visiting this family and try making the sleeping mat under the instructions of locals is an interesting thing you must try while being on the island. Visit Huynh family Temple Huynh family is a big family in Hoi An and on Cam Kim island.

There were multiple signs stating that the pool was for adults only, but some adults still ignored it and brought their babies or children to this pool.I was mostly frustrated by this because it is not the child's fault for splashing or being noisy, as that is what kids do.I was frustrated by the adults who blatantly ignored the signs and brought their kids there anyway which inhibited my ability to relax.The fitness center was nice, and there are all of the basics to get a good workout in (two treadmills, an elliptical, bike, free weights, two benches, and some machines).The shuttle to and from the city center runs twice there and twice back every day, which is good to go pick up some snacks if you want and explore Nha Trang.

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There were two other large pools, which were mostly empty every time I walked by them.

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