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A dominatrix took The Post inside, explaining what it’s like in the real-life “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I never thought I’d work in a place with a real Red Room of Pain, let alone Black and Blue Rooms of Pain. Located a floor above a nail salon, the secret sex lair has security cameras covering the building’s front door, vestibule, elevator and stairs as well as our suite’s front and back doors. If we’re convinced you’re not a cop, you’ll enter a lobby covered in Persian rugs, gilt-framed mirrors and the scent of perfume and incense.

But here at the Den, we not only have three color-themed adult romper rooms but “medical suites” that would make even Christian Grey blush. There are no signs, not even a mailbox, indicating what’s inside. You might hear muffled voices coming from behind the lobby doors.

He’s a banker who has ducked out of his Midtown office for an “early lunch.” He’s buzzed in, and the manager meets him at the suite door and escorts him into the Red Room. merciful in your correction.” Visibly aroused, he croaks, “I choose you.” I leave so the manager can extract the fee — 0 an hour or 0 for a half-hour, cash. But tips and fees can be enormous, and that can grease the skids, among other things, with some girls.

Interact with a real dominatrix ready to humiliate and dominate you.

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